Friday, January 14, 2011

FIVE Geese!! Wow!

Some EnviroWackies are doing their best to keep Green Bay from developing into a metro area.

In one MSM story, the property owner's $1,000.00 donation to Walker was prominently mentioned.

In the story linked above, his $1,250.00 donation to Barrett is also mentioned.

Uh huh.

Of course, it's downright eeeeeeeeeeeevil for anyone to donate anything to any politician. Case closed. No arguments, please.

After all, they found five geese wading in the water on the site. We all know that geese need DNR protection because they don't have anyplace to go in all of Wisconsin.

This is simple. The developer WILL PRESERVE a bunch of mosquito-breeding area (AKA "wetlands.") The EnviroWackies want more mosquito-home. That's the whole thing in a nutshell.

All the rest is delaying tactics, screwing with property owners, and general pain-in-the-ass poofery.

FIVE geese!!

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