Tuesday, October 06, 2009

They Want to Kill the Industrial Midwest

Here's a convenient list of rent-seeking companies who are perfectly comfortable with "Tax-n-Cap"--for their own benefit, of course.

Nevermind that it will cost you at least $1500./year (maybe much more), or that it will force manufacturing to leave the USA.

Boston Scientific, Dow, Duke, Dupont, Exelon, GE, Johnson & Johnson, NRG energy, PG&E, PNM Resources, and Rio Tinto.

Interesting to Green Hell (and others) are the folks who did NOT sign on.

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neomom said...

Not sure what the medical companies have for "skin in the game" on Cap & Tax unless they are hoping for more favored status in DeathCare.

Duke and Excelon have nuke plants and want more of them - so that one almost makes sense. PG&E is well - they are on the west coast, what do you want. GE really wants it to make gazillions in trading carbon credits thru GE Capital - though I really wish we could sell a nuke plant or 3 or 4.

Rio Tinto had some employees get arrested in China for their version of insider trading with some government folks.