Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Doyle Deceptions

Next time you open your electric bill, look for the "Act 28 Fee", which will cost you 30 cents, thankyouverymuch--unless you are a business, in which case it will cost you 70 cents.


Well, that's a Jim Doyle shell-game. That 30 (or 70) cents will fund the operation of various District Attorneys around the State of Wisconsin.

By creating the "Act 28 Fee", Doyle-the-Deceiver was able to claim that he reduced the Budget by $9 million. He didn't, of course. All he did was move $9 million from income taxes over to "fee income," and ship it off to the District Attorneys.


All the more clear that Jimbo's going to retire a long, long way from Wisconsin......

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Amy said...

But if a business did this, wouldn't someone - at the very least - be fired for malfeasance?