Thursday, October 15, 2009

The (R) Money-Grubbers

Although Wisconsinites know that Tommy Thompson's been 'for sale' for a long time (ask Bud Selig or the RoadBuilders, hey), the MSM ignores the fact that Thompson, Dole, and Frist have their OWN pockets in mind when it comes to endorsing ObamaCare.

...the Post never mentioned that Dole is a registered lobbyist at Alston & Bird, where he represents health-care clients.

Bill Frist's and Tommy Thompson's support for ObamaCare showed up in the Post's page plenty of times, and in none of those articles (as far as I could tell) did the Post mention that Thompson is a health-care consultant at a K Street firm and Frist is a partner in an investment firm that invests in health-care companies...

In Dole's case, it's likely that ObamaCare covers Viagra, too.

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