Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flynn, Chisholm Want Licensing for Concealed Carry

What they are really after is CCW licensing, but they have to come up with silly baggage to look good for the ninny-nannies.

Two powerful Milwaukee leaders on Wednesday floated the idea of allowing concealed-carry gun permits in Wisconsin as part of a larger package of gun law reforms - marking a departure with Mayor Tom Barrett on the hot issue.

Police Chief Edward Flynn and District Attorney John Chisholm said allowing concealed-carry weapon permits must be coupled with other changes such as requiring background checks on all gun purchases in Wisconsin.

So giving your .357 to your son or daughter will require that you run a background check on them? Makes sense, doesn't it?

What Chisholm and Flynn are REALLY worried about is Doyle's mule-like stubborn stupidity on the issue--which is leading to a horrific law-enforcement problem.

The Wisconsin Constitution allows 'possession' of weapons 'for any lawful purpose,' which obviously includes self-defense. In a couple of well-publicized cases, SCOWI has ruled that concealed-carry is perfectly Constitutional if used for self-defense in one's business or home. And over time, it's entirely possible that other instances of concealed-carry will be found Constitutional--meaning that more and more citizens will be allowed to carry concealed, depending on circumstances, WITHOUT a license.

There is still no license requirement because Jim Doyle is a pigheaded bozo, so there is a huge grey area between the law against CCW and the Constitution's text.

Flynn and Chisholm actually want some method of regulating concealed carry so they can arrest and prosecute goblins with the certainty of convictions and prison-time.

That's fine. But requiring background checks for a father-to-daughter handgun gift?

No way.

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Anonymous said...

Why worry/

I will not ask nor pay the corrupt State for permission to defend myself EVEN if I am traveling.



You are in deep sh*t(10k plus in legal fees) anyway EVEN if you LEGALLY shoot in self-defense.