Saturday, October 17, 2009

Electric DA's: Your Leggies' and Doyle's Frauds

The Milwaukee JS finally caught up with the old news which we posted October 6th.

The fraud?

When you pay your electric bill, you'll be paying for District Attorneys (!!!)

The prosecutors are being paid from a fund originally designed to help poor people pay their utility bills and weatherize their homes. The extra fee, which hits We Energies customers in December, is the latest in a series of budget maneuvers that have sent a total of $166 million from electricity ratepayers to non-energy-related state government purposes since 2002.

Note that all the fraud is Doyle-fraud, folks.

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RAG said...

This is an outrageous situation which caught virtually every prosecutor in the state by surprise when the news broke.

In the old days support for prosecutor salaries came in part from the lottery fund which had some rational connection as district attorneys have statutory responsibilities for enforcing gaming laws.

There has been no person or force more repugnant to law enforcement in Wisconsin than the incumbent governor. Since he's been in office the turnover rate among prosecutors is at an alarming 75% and he has failed to address the pay situation (many prosecutors around the state with six-figure student loan balances make less than their secretaries) or the lack of adequate staff which is verified by the governor's own department of administration.

The rule in Madison seems to be that essential government services are frowned upon while the special interests get caviar.