Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dinosaur Dave Obey (D-FDR)

From Bob Novak's column surveying Congressional Democratic unhappiness with Nancy Pelosi (D-Screech):

The Democratic management of legislation in the House is handled by John Dingell, 79, Energy and Commerce Committee (25 terms); Tom Lantos, 77, International Relations (13 terms); John Conyers, 76, Judiciary (21 terms); David Obey, 67, Appropriations (18 terms); and John Spratt, 63, Budget (12 terms). These are men who generally talk about moving the previous question more than moving the nation.

We recall Dave Obey as really quite DIS-obedient to his Bishop (Bp. Burke, La Crosse) over the issue of Obey's claim to be "Catholic" while voting pro-abortion.

Given the makeup of the above list, we could call them Geezers for Death and Al-Quaeda.

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