Monday, January 02, 2006

Calvin & Hobbes on Relativism...and more

Some say that comics are just that. I doubt it.


elliot said...

There hasn't been another strip as incisive and true since Watterson stopped drawing.

I still miss Calvin & Hobbes.

The best gift I got this Christmas was the complete collection. Every Calvin & Hobbes ever published.

I highly recommend it.

Tito said...


I think I'll be checking out Calvin and Hobbes in my next visit to Borders.

Dad29 said...

Watt'sn also did a precis of Fides et Ratio in one 4-panel. Almost dropped my jaw.

Ahem: my loving chilluns supplied me with the Collection as a birthday gift to go along with the .357Mag hand-cannon they also provided.

Ragnar Mentaire said...

Sounds like you and I both shouldn't go to "Munich."

elliot said...

Was the .357 wrapped?

And did they give you hollowpoints as a stocking stuffer?

Sigh. No one ever gives me a gun as present.