Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Most Creative Blogging

Herewith "Watchdog Milwaukee" completely IGNORES the County Board's reluctance to tear down the Annex (their personal privileged parking is threatened) and places the onus on Scott Walker--who WANTS to tear it down, SUGGESTED tearing it down, NEGOTIATED FOR THE MONEY to tear it down....

You can't make this stuff up!

With the window of opportunity closing, and the kitschy whale wall still infecting our urban landscape, County Executive Scott Walker needs to take a break from his race for Governor and actually do the job he is paid to do.

The Whalen Whale wall has to go. The State has given the county about a week to decide what it wants to do with the crumbling Courthouse annex (home to the whale) which is riddled with asbestos and regularly has chunks of concrete from it structure fall on the freeway below.
The county can realize about a 3+ million dollar savings if it decides soon. If not, the state will have to work around the countys crumbling annex.

Walker believes he’s still got plenty of political capital on the County Board and with a County Board Chairman that has been politically neutered with ethics charges, Walker should be in a position to walk in and lay out what needs to be done. If he fails in this easy to accomplish project, it will show Wisconsin voters whether he has any ability to lead and whether he even deserves to be on the Gubernatorial primary ballot against Congressman Mark Green.


Scarlette said...

What is "home to the whale"?

Dad29 said...

The County of Milwaukee, ever in search of ways to piss money down a rathole (the Good Old Days) commissioned a painting of a whale, on the blank north-facing wall of the Annex building.

It's been called the "Whale Wall" ever since...