Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Minor Annoyance Expulsion: Chairman (Mao) Holloway tosses a taxpayer from a County Board Hearing. Ol' Mao/Lee is dead meat, anyway, awaiting indictment, prosecution, and jail-time when the Federales have a chance. (No, it won't be Mike McCann, whose now-20-year-snooze will only end when his retirement commences...)

Major Annoyance Expulsion: Katelyn Sills.

Katelyn's mother discovered that an Diocesan high school (Loretto) employed a Deathscort--a Planned Parenthood "guard"--as a teacher. When Katelyn's mom wrote the Bishop of the Diocese, he did the right thing and ordered the termination of the deathscort.

Now Katelyn's been expelled from the high school.

The mean, nasty, witchy, and vengeful streak which lies just under the "inclusive and loving" masque worn by the Left shows again. We had plenty of it in Milwaukee (and still do, judging from the first incident above.) We can smell its thick green odor emanating from Madison and Washington.

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