Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Problem With Pammy Geller

Pammy Geller is a fanatic.  Fanatics--as they desperately attempt to get attention for their cause--are not helpful.

...violence could have been expected, which was almost certainly the point. Geller and her associates “have the right to go there, but again, it’s stupid, it accomplishes nothing,” said Bill O’Reilly, whose brand of pop-conservative opinionating has kept him in the top seed of prime-time cable talk shows since he joined Fox News in 1996. “You don’t fish for [terrorists] by putting people in danger.”

O’Reilly was chatting with Laura Ingraham, the sharp-tongued doyenne of right-wing talk radio. Ingraham is the pillar of truth or a priestess of hate, depending on the eye of the beholder, but numbers don’t lie—she has successfully made a name for herself in a male-dominated field in which hosts generally hew to the hard-line orthodoxy on immigration, terrorism, and religion.

But when it comes to Geller’s stunt in Garland, Ingraham seemed to be calling for a time out: “The idea that this is going to be beneficial to us—and I come to it from a Catholic Christian conservative perspective—to rile an entire faith this way … to do what was done at this (contest) … it not only doesn’t accomplish anything, but I think it could actually make things worse for us.”

“Us” in this case means those who have made it their agenda to expose radical Islam as a tool of oppression and terror against non-believers....

I've stayed away from the Geller/Islam thing because I think her stunt was stupid.  It still IS stupid, and the point was made well in the above-excerpted essay.


Dale Day said...

The only "problem" with Geller is that she INFORMS people about Islam and provides the TRUTH.

Liberals cannot deal with that and Muslims lack any tolerance and thus are "offended" when that truth is pointed out.

Instead of panning her, you should be applauding and sharing the word!

Dad29 said...

That's your opinion, Dale.

northierthanthou said...

Some folks want an all-out war between the West and all of Islam. By some people, I mean a group that seems to include Geller.