Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Usual Suspects, The Usual Place: UW-Madison

Just in case you thought your tax dollars were being wasted on such things as pharmacy, medicine, engineering, accounting, Brit Lit, and all that trash, fear not!!

The UW-Mad will be the location for ...

An upcoming workshop scheduled to take place at the University of Wisconsin-Madison aims to teach campus radicals and socialists how to manipulate campus resources to advance their agenda.

“Undercommoning: A workshop on becoming a thief in the university,” was the exact wording of the subject line in a recent group email sent to University of Wisconsin-Madison scholars and others announcing the event, set for June 4.

One of the featured Community Organizers will be some woman from "Young, Gifted, and Black"--the bunch that tried like hell to start a riot over the shooting of a drug-crazed kid.

"....Becoming a thief in the university...." is entirely appropriate.  These people are stealing your money.

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