Saturday, May 30, 2015

Powdered, Perfumed, But Still Excrement: McConnell

The Stench in D.C. emanates from McConnell's office.

...McConnell has refused to negotiate or fight vigorously to allow votes on conservative priorities, but he is willing to surrender the one impending victory against corporate welfare in order to bail out Obama from troubles with his own party! Even more troubling, at a time when McConnell has blocked conservatives from offering amendments, even those that are germane to pending legislation, he is abdicating his authority as Majority Leader to set the Senate to Cantwell next month by allowing her to file cloture on a bill reauthorizing the Ex-Im Bank.  And according to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), this non-germane bill will be attached to the eventual highway bill, which is regarded by the Washington political class as “must pass legislation.”  This will make it very difficult for conservatives to block the bill. And to top it all off, McConnell is doing all this while he claims to oppose the Export-Import Bank....

The taxpayer bailout of GM and Boeing--among others--will continue if this works as McConnell wants it to.

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