Sunday, May 03, 2015

Jokers to the Left, Liars to the Right, Stuck in the Middle...

Face it.  Elections do NOT matter, Ron Johnson's half-wit statement aside.  (He voted twice to confirm Eric Holder's female clone--and claimed that "elections matter" after the 2014 (R) landslide.)


Now comes the (R) Congress' "balanced budgets."


...why would Republican budgets assume $2 trillion in bogus revenue?

If the Republican budgets accounted fairly for the revenue lost through their policy assumptions, those budgets would never balance. On a static basis, the extension of the “tax extenders” takes the Senate and House budgets from balance to deficits of $81 billion and $64 billion, respectively, in the 10th year. These deficits more than double when the loss of tax revenue from Obamacare is factored in. To highlight the extent of this gimmick, the total projected deficits under these budgets increase by more than 124 percent after accounting for the loss of Obamacare and the loss of revenue through tax extenders. These budgets balance in name only.

We can answer the question above:  Republican Ruling Class members think you are stupid.

Maybe you are.  You elected a bunch of liars.

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