Sunday, May 31, 2015

NPR's News Management

Like the Senior Wisconsin Righty Blogger, on occasion I listen to NPR.  Not for the pictures, silly:  for the classical music and for Prairie Home Companion.

But of course, the NPR "news" bunch intrudes.

So I'm listening to them interview a WaPo reporter about the Clinton Foundation.  NPR lady asked him 'whether any of the foreign-country donations were illegal?' given that such donations ARE illegal for political campaigns.  And of course, the Postie said 'no, there was a FORMER President and POSSIBLY a FUTURE President involved, so it was legal.' 

The listener could tell that the Postie was waiting for the next logical question--that is:  "Was it germane that a sitting Secretary of State was an indirect beneficiary of these contributions?" and "are you aware of any apparent quid-pro-quos that COULD be a result of those contributions?"

But that question was not asked.

That, friends, is how the news is managed.

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