Sunday, May 17, 2015

"Spengler" Thinks Well

"Spengler" (David Goldman) thinks cogently on foreign policy.  No surprise:  he also thinks Ted Cruz gets it far better than the Warmonger Crowd of Kristol and Krauthammer.

...Sixteen years of George W. Bush and Barack Obama will leave the next president with a different world: a new Sino-Russian entente directed against the US, and chaos in most of the Middle East. Both are the consequence of foreign policy utopianism.  We destroyed the century-long balance of power in Iraq and Syria by forcing majority rule in Iraq, and stood godfather to a perpetual Sunni-Shi’ite civil war. We tried to flip Ukraine to the West, and Putin allied with China. We have scored nothing but own-goals. We are spending a trillion and a half dollar on the Edsel of the air, the F-35, and have allowed China to narrow the technology gap that once made the United States the dominant superpower.

The foreign policy establishment of both parties agrees that it is America’s mission to remake the world in its own image, although the liberal Wilsonian and the neo-conservative Republican versions of this utopia have minor differences. We need a president arrogant enough to ignore the whole pack of them, just like Reagan did. That requires arrogance more than any other quality....

Indeed.  Leaving a Bush/Obozo world to your children would be tantamount to imposing the death penalty on them.  While the Aborto-Culture would approve, actual Americans will not.

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