Friday, May 22, 2015

(R) Failure Theater No Secret to Conservatives


The RoJo/Senselessbrenner/Ryan Express to oblivion.

...To sum up the year thus far: They caved on executive amnesty by funding DHS, they caved on the Iran deal by passing Corker’s bill, then they caved on executive amnesty again by confirming Loretta Lynch, and now they’re preparing to cave on ObamaCare subsidies if the Supreme Court ends up shooting those down in King v. Burwell. All in the name of showing 2016 voters that the GOP can govern without any new shutdowns or debt-ceiling standoffs.

Which is to say, given a choice between letting Obama implement his agenda and risking a new shutdown, the new majority will take the former every time. Maybe the base’s growing awareness of that explains why the GOP’s congressional leadership, which took power in a massive landslide last November, already has a negative job approval rating among its own rank and file:...

(Pew Poll results at the link.)

RoJo has very good reason to think he's the most endangered (R) this election.  But while he may be #1, it's a damn close race.


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