Thursday, January 06, 2011

On Reducing Government in Wisconsin

Prestegard cites Wiggy:

One proposal that has been languishing in the legislature is an amendment to the state constitution that would allow two merging communities to have separate tax rates for a period of twelve years. Instead of one community experiencing an immediate increase in taxes in a cooperative merger, this exception to the uniformity clause would allow for the two tax rates to gradually even out. …

The amendment could make it easier for school district mergers and municipal mergers involving towns. The gradual changing of the tax rates could even help merging communities avoid costly lawsuits.

(Which school district will voluntarily 'marry' MPS? The one which couldn't find an empty chair when the music stopped.)

3120 units of local gummint is probably 1100 too many, just like 24 County Supervisors is about 300% of the necessary number.

By the way, Wiggy and his gang could have a lot of fun with the proposition that Fire Departments (and the paramedics) should be privatized in Wisconsin. Since paid-on-call departments are, for practical purposes, 'privatized,' no reason not to expand that.

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