Thursday, January 06, 2011

Even More Cutting of Government

Doug Ross makes a good point:

You may be surprised to discover that the Department of Education did not even exist until 1980.

Yet, over the last three years alone, the Department has spent roughly a third of a trillion dollars with copious amounts of 'Stimulus' spending

That means that until 1980, the 10th Amendment was still breathing, if only barely...

And it means nothing--nada--zilch--zip--that Reagan and the Bush Boyzzzz continued this monstrosity.

Kill it, before it kills the US.


Not really:

...your taxpayer dollars are funding the promotion of Alinsky's literature. ERIC is the DOE's "Education Resources Information Center". And ERIC proudly boasts works by Alinsky and other Marxists including:

Democratic Socialism: Toward a Fifth Theory of the Press.: "[Modern paradigms fail] to account for economic and social pressures that have led to a decline in newspaper plurality and opinions available in Western democratic societies. A new theory has recently emerged to fill this gap. The theory, which arose from democratic socialist ideology, holds that state intervention in the structure and operation of the press should be encouraged to counteract effects of private control.

Oh, there's more. Visit the link.

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Anonymous said...

"your taxpayer dollars are funding the promotion of Alinsky's literature. ERIC is the DOE's "Education Resources Information Center". And ERIC proudly boasts works by Alinsky and other Marxists including:..."

Gotta love spreading unwarranted fear in the name of protecting the chilluns from "nefarious" reading materials.

Um, it's called the First Amendment. You know, freedom of speech. The purpose of ERIC is to provide UNLIMITED access to BIBLIOGRAPHIC RECORDS of journal articles and other education-related materials, and links to full text, IF AVAILABLE.

But, you know, you're right. I'm sure every able bodied Democrat/liberal is going to rush to read "Democratic Socialism..." and be motivated to start a revolution. Well, that's what you've been calling for, right?

Seriously, ask 10 people on a street in Milwaukee right now the question, "Who is Saul Alinsky?" and MAYBE two people would have heard of the name, let alone know (or care to know) of his philosophies that you find so "offensive".

Now, I can agree with you that the Department of Education, among other departments, should be eliminated and/or royally streamlined.

For example, I see value in federal money for grants and scholarships. Those types of things, I say keep. You would disagree, perhaps. That's fine.

Dad29 said...

"Free speech" is a right, but so is "Free Association." Remember that part of the 1st Amendment?

Good. That means that parents SHOULD be able to move their chilluns away from teachers who propose un-American solutions to American problems.

I have no problem with the Feds being a lender for college loans--but I would limit the dollars/student/year to, say, $5K. That way, colleges won't get too frisky with Big Money.

As to scholarships? Maybe. I don't like the Feds calling 'winners/losers'. You'd have to overcome that argument.

Anonymous said...

Um, free association is NOT part of the original text to the 1st Amendment. I thought you opposed interpreting the Constitution like them liberals do!

5K for college loans? Ok, I can live with that number.

Scholarships? Some are based on income, some on achievement. Winners/losers is part of life!

Dad29 said...

I stand corrected. Free Association derives from the 14th Amendment, with a push from the 1st (in 'assembly'.)

Yes, there are winners/losers; the question is Who Decides?

Income, achievement....OK, so long as they are objectively measured.

Anonymous said...

Chesterton, Alinski...cut from the same bat crazy cloth.