Monday, January 10, 2011

The "New Liturgy"

Perspective from an Anglican priest of the traditional flavor:

The sort of liturgical culture which Anglicans and Roman Catholics have experienced since the 1960s is in fact a culture which was common in English Protestant Non-Conformity for many generations before the 1960s; and in a Protestant ethos it represents the theologically right and appropriate liturgical expectation. If the faith-feeling, fiducia, is the salvific reality to which the Christian must cling, then worship can have no other purpose than to produce and sustain it. It is not for nothing that Protestant ideologues have seen the Sacraments - on the rare occasions when they celebrate them - as merely 'enacted Words'. The problem for us is that for nearly half a century many Anglicans and most Catholics have been indoctrinated into that same essentially Protestant presupposition. When, now, they are exposed to something ancient and authentic, they can feel excluded by the celebrant - "Why isn't he attending to me?"

Yes. That would be the 'horizontality' so often mentioned by those who criticize the Bugninian 'reforms.'

And it justifies the use of a bluesy/rock "Wade in the Water" by a local musico-twit at Sunday's Mass (Baptism of the Lord.) The logic is perfect.

(No, I am not making that up.)


GOR said...

From local observance, some more Protestant ‘presuppositions‘:

Mass celebrated in Alb and eco-friendly Stole hanging straight down

“For thine is the kingdom…” appended immediately to the end of the Our Father

Distributing Communion to the EMHCs before the Priest’s Communion

Leaving the Sanctuary and hitting the first five pews for the Kiss of Peace (but that could be from political praxis, though kissing babies hasn’t been part of it – yet!)

Having laypeople address the congregation from the Ambo in place of a homily

Homilies straight out of the National Catholic Reporter

Bp. Sklba's grey suit and Anglican-style Roman collar - so inclusive!

The list is not exhaustive…

Dave said...

The bishop's style of clerical collar has been used by RC priests past and present...I consider that to be more of a personal preference than anything else...

Badger Catholic said...

I might have just puke in the back of my mouth thinking about musico-twit.

Terrence Berres said...

And, GOR, if I point out the thinning crowds at Mass, the response is that everything would be even worse if anything had been done differently. It's Progressivism without progress.