Monday, January 10, 2011

Holloway Imposes Furloughs

Well, well.

Thousands of Milwaukee County workers face 26 unpaid furlough days this year - one day every two weeks - in a move launched by Acting County Executive Lee Holloway.



TerryN said...

Anybody want to blame Scott Walker?

Anonymous said...

Dad29--The link you provide goes to this story--"Milwaukee County must offer to reinstate courthouse security guards."

Looks like the story has mysteriously been pulled.


capper said...

TeryN, who was the county executive in 2010 who had crafted the budget with these furlough days built into it?

jimspice said...

It will be interesting to see how Walker will work a budget with a legislative body that WON'T put back in all the necessities he leaves out.

It will really crimp the credit claiming as well (ooh, pretty alliteration).

TerryN said...

Yup, Capper wants to blame Scott Walker. No surprise...

Anonymous said...

I assume that Capper was too busy posting fraudelant documents on his web site to bother reading the article in question. Let me quote...."the same day the prospect of five weeks of unpaid furloughs was renewed by Holloway for 2011"

Let me guess, Walker did a Jedi Mind trick and made Holloway renew the furloughs???


Anonymous said...

And the rest of the story is...

"Details of how the furloughs will be implemented will be provided this week, the memo said.

Holloway said it was possible that the furloughs might be canceled, if an agreement can be worked out with county unions.

He said he had spoken with leaders of two unions over the past several days, but declined to give specifics."

So, David, we shall whether or not Holloway is going to go through with the furloughs, which, truth be told, are part of the budget but may not be implemented.

Now, I wonder why no one is opining how Walker's outsourcing of county security guards was found to be a "mistake" (putting it mildly) by an arbitrator.