Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Janet Incompetento Helps Pakistan

Fresh from her successes in the US, such as obtaining naked pictures and forcing feel-ups on grannies, nuns, and nursing mothers, Janet Napolitano traveled to Pakistan to assist them in designing border security.

Presumably, she will recommend her remarkably successful techniques which have allowed only heavily-armed drug-and-coyote-thugs to invade New Mexico and Arizona. (Or California, if they dig tunnels.)

Just prior to her trip, a US commander stated:

“As far as the border itself, you know, I think it’s naive to say that we can stop, you know, forces coming through the border,” Col. Viet Luong said.

The question for Col. Luong: Which border? Arizona? New Mexico? California? Texas? Or Pakistan?

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John Foust said...

Why are you only concerned with "feel-ups on grannies, nuns, and nursing mothers"?