Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Another Loon Joins Obama Gummint

To the surprise of no one...

...the Obama administration announced it had hired an environmental economist from the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) to join the National Economic Council. Replacing member Joe Aldy, Nat Keohane, a long-time advocate of cap and trade, will now be advising President Obama on the economics of energy and environmental issues.

It's more and more obvious that the Administration will be focused on demolishing the economy by sticking a potato in the exhaust pipe.

Keohane has a record of lunacy.

In their article, Oppenheimer and Keohane used dramatic rhetoric, saying that cap and trade is needed to prevent emissions from causing “warming that would cause ice sheets to disintegrate, droughts to become endemic, and killer heat waves to become the norm.”

One advantage of the regulatory regime (as opposed to the legislative regime) is that regulators cannot be defeated at the polls and generally impose their costs indirectly--that is, by forcing utilities and manufacturers to increase prices, rather than by imposing direct taxes on consumers.

IOW, it's almost invisible and is a de facto 'false flag op.'

Perfect for vermin.

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Tim Morrissey said...

Anyone who watched "V" on ABC last night knows that after the Visitors arrive, and make the red sky for four days, and then cause the red rain, that it will mitigate all effects of global warming.

Hey- it makes as much sense as putting that doofus on the NEC.