Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Don't Bother to Put On Clothing": DHS

Well. Seems that voyeurism is Napolitano's real game.

When Uncle Sam started peeking at the genitals of U.S. travelers, apologists insisted that his prying eyes were justified. Hadn't terrorists hijacked airplanes on 9/11? John Pistole, head of the Transportation Security Administration, insisted that upset Americans could always choose not to fly.

Sure. After all, the grannies, nuns, and wheelchair-bound are obviously tangos just waiting for the right moment. As to the 'not flying' option, I'm sure that the airlines were very pleased. /sarcasm

Oh, but there's more!

In the future, as people walk from the parking lot of a stadium toward its entrance, they'll be scanned. Sometimes the relevant technology will be sniffing out explosives, detecting metal, or rendering infrared images.

Other times—if all the technology being tested is ultimately implemented—active millimeter waves will peek beneath the clothing of some people in the crowd, rendering graphic images for review by on-site security. And the government bureaucrat of the future will doubtless explain that anyone upset by the virtual searches can opt out by choosing not to attend large concerts or football games.

Cheerleader checks! Where do I apply?

It is clear that the Common Sense window was closed when DHS wanted to buy some.


Tom Foust said...

Buy more ammo. Gun belt. K-bar.

Target Coupon Codes said...

what is meant by DHS?

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neomom said...

So where are all those that used to screech about the right to privacy - at least when it comes to abortion? Now "naked" scans and granny-groping along with DC deciding what drugs and medical treatments will be available are just hunky-dorey?

TerryN said...

Anybody want to chime in on how intrusive the Patriot Act is?

Probably not now that the Dems have had two + years to repeal it.

John Foust said...

TerryN, what was your position on it when it was proposed and enacted? Were you standing there with Feingold?

Sister Marie said...

Hi, I'm one of those dangerous terrorist nuns! I just wanted to offer you another point of view on this subject. While I agree that it is quite embarrassing for someone to be able to see everything under my habit; I have experienced far greater humiliation as I was patted down in public while onlookers took my picture with their cell phones (I mean really, what is better than a young nun being patted down in the airport!). Neither is a great option, but I would gladly pass through a scanner before I would ever be touched in public like that again! Just another point of view! God bless you!