Thursday, November 04, 2010

Will Jay Weber Stop Being a Statist-Enabler?

Jay Weber's a nice guy, but he's riding the wrong hobby-horse.

This morning he was trying to get the Pubbies to "impose a property-tax freeze."

(He specifically wants that for retirees, which would be un-Constitutional in Wisconsin. But that's secondary to the main point.)

A State-imposed property-tax freeze is the antithesis of the principle of subsidiarity, and effectively enables drunken-sailor spenders (read: School Boards and municipalities) to spend without facing the music with their local voters.


Because the State then steps in and subsidizes them with State tax dollars! Happens every time.

Get off that horse, Jay, please!

Better solution: the State should tell munis and schools that the gravy train stopped, just like the slow-ride choochoo to Madistan. School and muni-aids will decrease every year by 5% until the State is out of the Enabling business.

If Milwaukee wants to spend $15K/student, let them. It's their money. Same with Elmbrook, Ripon, and Superior. If Milwaukee wants to overpay its civil servants, let them. It's their money. Same with Brookfield, Ripon, and Superior.

You recall, Jay, that this is about SMALLER Government, right?


Steveo said...

The problem with a property tax freeze is that it's imposed by the State who immediately exempts themselves then passes mandates to the muni's.

Many municipalities face declining State aids because they're "wealthy" communities so the big target is on the big municipalities that aren't growing.

To make it work (no aids) the State would need to repeal the mediation/arbitration provisions and then fully fund any mandate that they pass to any other government.

Dad29 said...

Then REPEAL med/arb. Tomorrow will be fine.

As to unfunded mandates: repeal them, too.

The 5%/year reductions will provide a cushion while all the changes take effect.

AND it will provide predictability.