Thursday, November 04, 2010

McConnell (Bozo-KY) Appoints Himself Regent

Mitch McConnell is not (and never was) a Conservative.

But that didn't stop him from declaring himself Regent.

“John [Cornyn] did a great job with candidate recruitment, raising funds, directing strategy and, in large measure because of his outstanding job, I’m going to be the leader of a large army after tonight,” said McConnell at the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) election-night gathering.


Let's take a closer look at Hero McConnell's and Vice-Regent Cornyn's "great job."

For perspective, in 1998, Mitch McConnell was able to pick up zero seats and in 2000, Mitch McConnell’s tenure saw the GOP lose seats in the Senate.

Wow. That's really impressive!!

As to Cornyn?

He endorsed Charlie Crist in Florida only to now see the very real likelihood of Crist running as an independent.

He endorsed Arlen Specter only to see Specter bolt, and then the NRSC made no great secret of trying to find anyone other than Pat Toomey to run.

He has weighed in for Jane Norton in Colorado (without endorsing, let me be clear, wink, wink, wink) only to see the grassroots go with Ken Buck.

And the NRA cannot endorse Cornyn's Indiana boy Coats because his 2A track record sucks.

(Ask Rand Paul about John Cornyn.)

Real Men of Genius!

Mitch, my boy, if I were you I'd look over my shoulder. That army's marching towards a Constitution you don't bother with.

HT: CNS and RedState

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