Wednesday, November 03, 2010

QE2 v. Petroleum: Petroleum Wins

Ticker has the charts to support this claim:

Oil rises from just under $50 to $85 in lockstep with QE1. When it ends, oil falls in price to $70. As soon as the threat to do it again starts, oil once again starts going up in price, even though the claim is made that economic recovery is "soft", thus justifying the act.

If the change is roughly identical, oil is headed to about $110 in the next three to six months, and gas to $4.00/gallon.

Well. THAT'LL help the recovery! Combine it with higher taxes (1/1 is not far away) and higher medical costs due to ObamaCare, (not to mention the effects of the increased prices of oats, corn, soybeans and cotton) and we'll have a good old-fashioned Depression just in time for the '12 election.

See, it's all a Republican plot!!!!!!!

(I'd believe that, but that Party is called "The Stupid Party" for a reason.)

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