Thursday, November 04, 2010

NRSC (and Lefty) Myths About the Election

We all know that "NRSC" is approximately equivalent to "Lefty" in at least one extremely important regard: neither of them believes that ordinary citizens should have anything to do with Government other than "shut up and pay!".

And both of them spout the same mytho-garbage about the elections.

Ann Coulter dismembers them.

A slew of election myths died – though I'm sure they'll have to be killed off again in every future election:

1) All but the broadest election predictions are an enormous waste of everyone's time...

2) A "wave" election would give the victory to Republicans in all close Senate races.

3) Newt Gingrich engineered the 1994 Republican sweep of Congress.

[Yes, it IS mythology, of which Gingrich is the author, that he, personally, made the 1994 sweep happen. Bill Clinton made it happen, just as did Obama, and Doyle in Wisconsin.]

4) [The TEA Party is the reason that the Pubbies don't have 51 Senators]

Republicans never had a chance to take the Senate, and anyone who knows the difference between California and Tennessee knew that. Most of the Senate seats up this year happened to be in very, very "blue" states. Short of a Republican invasion of the body snatchers, Republicans weren't going to be electing senators from California, New York and Oregon.

[That also blows up the myth that Wisconsin is a very blue State. It ain't. And all you have to notice is statewide election margins which rarely, if ever, exceed 15 points.]

6).......[Discussing her home State]...

Connecticut isn't Minnesota. Anyone with the slightest familiarity with Connecticut knew WWE owner Linda McMahon never had a chance even against Dick Blumenthal, a Democrat so repulsive even the New York Times attacked him.

More at the link, and worth reading!

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