Saturday, November 13, 2010

What SNAP Complains About

Oh, yes, SNAP does have legitimate complaints. They're personified by Bp. Kincanas, who MAY be elected President of the USCCB. He's currently the V-P.

...I fear all of this progress in promoting vibrant orthodoxy within the bishops conference is threatened by the impending election of Bishop Gerald Kicanas of Tucson, AZ as the new President of the USCCB.

Bishop Kicanas has a troubling reputation.

And it's not just that Fr. Tom Reese SJ, a LeftOWacky who was removed from his post at America Mag-a-Rag on orders from B-16, endorses Kincanas. That would be trouble enough. But it's worse.

...In his story, “Sex Abuse Lurks Behind Catholic Election,” Chip Mitchell tells the horrific story of Father Daniel McCormack, who molested at least 23 boys. The story demonstrates that Bishop Kicanas, while rector of Chicago’s Mundelein Seminary, was aware of accusations of sexual misconduct against McCormack, but chose to ordain him anyway.

Asked about it, Bishop Kicanas essentially said that he would do it again.

Kincanas stated that "it would be grossly unfair" NOT to have ordained this piece of detritus.

It was Bishops like Kincanas--and we all know the names of the rest--who dragged the Church through a flow of sewage, and who enabled homosexual ephebophiles to rack up victims by the hatload.

Oh, yes. SNAP has legitimate complaints.

So do Catholic laity, and innocent priests.

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Badger Catholic said...

Not just ordain them but tell them that um.... promiscuity.. was a healthy way to relieve built up... err... frustration. This dude should be tarred and feathered. I'm with SNAP on this one.