Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Bernardin/Alinsky Axis (CCHD) Rolls On

The loaf of bread was a stone, the warnings were clear, and the Catholic Campaign for Human "Development" made you eat it anyway.

And the Bernardin/Alinsky Axis (which is the real name of CCHD) rolls over a good man along the way.

The national office of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) awarded a grant in 2010 to a Chicago-based group, despite the local CCHD branch’s strong warnings that the organization in question coordinated a school-based health program that provides contraception and refers for abortions. ...

The Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP), a community organizing project focusing on a wide range of issues such as anti-violence, housing, and immigration, received a $45,000 national grant this year for general operating expenses – the third year in a row it has received such a grant.

...RCN found that SWOP is implementing a school program called Elev8 at Marquette Elementary School. This program includes the provision of health services to the children through a school clinic; but the clinic also provides sex education, distributes condoms and oral contraceptives, and refers for abortion. To run the clinic, SWOP chose an organization called Access Community Health, which provides contraceptives without parental guidance

As to eliminating the opposition:

“Despite strong recommendations against this funding and clear requests from the Chicago CCHD office that the national CCHD further investigate SWOP and its Elev8 activities, the national CCHD saw it fit to award the grant anyway,” explained Rey Flores, former director of Chicago’s CCHD program, who was terminated from the position this fall.

A number of Catholic Bishops have caught on to the scheme and are no longer sending money to the national CCHD office; they fund local programs which were vetted carefully, instead.

That won't help Flores, nor his family. But they're just 'collateral damage' to the Axis.

Meantime, the USCCB may elect as its President a relic of the Bernardin/Alinsky Axis: Bp. Gerald Kincanas.

...What others have not written about but what I think is important to bring into the mix is the fact that Kicanas has a strong reputation for being a “Bernadin” bishop, in other words, a bishop in the mold of Cardinal Joseph Bernadin, famous for his close allegiance to progressive and liberal ideologies. This is not just a reputation, this is how it appears Bishop Kicanas has intentionally formed his Episcopal priorities since becoming a bishop

Inter alia, Kincanas spoke lovingly of a pro-abortion (R) named Kolbe and the cancerous Janet Napolitano when she was Governor of Arizona. But there's more.

During the previously-mentioned controversy caused by President Obama’s invitation to Notre Dame, Kicanas parted way with dozens upon dozens of his brother bishops who issued statements opposing the invitation.

Bishop Kicanas went a step farther: he invited Notre Dame into his diocese to designate three of his diocesan schools as Notre Dame feeders, the first in the country, representing a “significant deepening of the Notre Dame relationship with the Diocese of Tucson.” While the rest of the country has punished Notre Dame’s bottom line since they honored President Obama (to the tune of $120 million in withheld donations), Bishop Kicanas has doubled-down in his support of the institution.

It's possible that the USCCB will make the grievous error of emplacing this Bernardin/Alinsky Axis capo in its President's chair.

It's certain that if that happens, the USCCB will become the enemy of actual Catholics like Rey Flores.


Jim Bowman said...

Bernardin/Alinsky does not quite say it, insofar as Alinsky got his start with Chicago parishes during the Mundelein years, pre-WW2. The Chicago story goes that far back in this matter.

Dad29 said...

You're correct, of course.

But it's a handy condensation.

Say hello to John Suehr if you see him.

Anonymous said...

Just thought you might enjoy my attempt at a humorous response to the CCHD's attempt at a cartoon (Meet Mary). Mine is entitled "Stop Mary"

Gregory said...

FYI Here is an update.