Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Post-Racial Era in Wisconsin

The Doylet-appointee at Wisconsin's Department of Veterans' Affairs apparently didn't get the message from the Teh Won campaign.

...DVA Secretary Ken Black fired him because he wanted to purge the agency of "old white guys," according to Wistrom's complaint.

Well, one guy gets fired and conjures up a race-baiting story line for a lawsuit?

Not so fast:

A former Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs administrator [Wistrom] claimed Friday the agency forced him to retire after he supported a co-worker who believes he was fired because he was an "old white guy."

But Wistrom's complaint said he wrote in his affidavit for Nitschke that he had heard Black say too many old white men worked for the agency.

Now it's TWO old white guys who were shoved out and have exactly the same recollection of the phrase.

Mr. Black might find a home in Holder's Department of Justice-for-Some. He could investigate how many "old white guys" vote in Philadelphia, for example.

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