Thursday, November 11, 2010

Legislative Things To Do

"The List" began, arguably, with Jay Weber and then Owen picked it up and it's grown.

There are objections to parts of "the list."

...I was perplexed that talk of the immediate agenda was all about Voter ID and concealed carry.

No, this is not why these guys and gals were elected. Yes, these are popular issues that may not (?) take much possible capital. But the time is now to talk business creation, jobs, and a critical and courageous fix for the budget, as well as to counter huge health care cost challenges in Wisconsin. ...

Umnnhhh, well...

"Economic Development" might take more than 2 weeks.

OTOH, CCW and Voter ID will take about 2 days. The legislation's already written (has been for 4++ years).

Believe it or not, SOME Legislators can actually walk and talk simultaneously.

Relax. They'll get it all done.

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