Thursday, November 11, 2010

"It Is Not Possible, Comrade"

P-Mac sees the unicorns and calls them for what they are.

He also notes that Gwen Moore took geography lessons from Peggy West.

(Both of them, by the way, think G W Bush and TEA Party people are stupid).

And P-Mac has a modest proposal:

Suppose Congress really did want to link the urban jobless and suburban jobs. Buses excel at this. New hybrid buses are clean and cheap to run, though they cost a lot to buy. Were Moore, a Democrat, to prevail on the Obama administration to shift Wisconsin's pile to buying these, you could replace every transit bus in the state and have a fortune left over.

Response from the Kremlin?

"It is just not possible", comrade.


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steveegg said...

Allow me to tell you a story of the Metrolink routes on MCTS. The first five routes, fanning out from the then-newly-built Mill Road Transit Center, were supposed to link inner-city workers who were to take the Rt. 23 bus up Fond du Lac Avenue to jobs in northwest Milwaukee and Brown Deer. 3 of those routes disappeared very quickly, with ultimately just the one going around the Park Place office park "remaining" (now rolled into Rt. 23).

A similar effort was done on the south side, with several "child" routes of buses going from Milwaukee's central city down to College. Ave. (Milwaukee's southern border) extending into Oak Creek's Northbranch and Franklin's Industrial Parks. The only ones remaining are a couple runs of Rt. 219 going through Northbranch and a single run AM/single run PM (that doesn't match up with any work schedule) of Rt. 80 going through Northbranch into central Oak Creek.

While the failure of the much-ballyhooed Metrolink (which was built in lieu of a proposed light rail system) mirrors the failure of northwest Milwaukee (outside Park Place), the failure of the Oak Creek/Franklin "jobs" buses came despite the successful growth of Franklin's industrial park and the hold (other than Delphi, that is) of Oak Creek's industrial park.