Monday, October 05, 2009

You Thought Chicago Voted Kennedy in 1960? WRONG!

Roeser, the minder of actual history, debunks the "Kennedy vote" myth of the '60 election.

The big issue in November, 1960 was that a Democrat-turned-Republican state’s attorney named Ben Adamowski was running for reelection and was planning, if reelected, to launch a top-to-bottom probe of Old Man Daley. Adamowski was a remnant of the Squid and knew everything about it. So, in order to beat Adamowski every Squid hack and precinct captain had orders to defeat him at all costs. The massive push produced an undertow of straight ticket voting that enabled JFK to carry Illinois: a minor side-issue consequence of the successful push to defeat Adamowski who was going to send the Old Man to jail.

OK. I didn't know that, either.

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Anonymous said...

"Go ahead, make my day"--Clint Eastwood

Since you seem to be on a corruption kick lately, why not call out ALL unscrupulous behavior regardless of political party? Why not similar outrage at the time the United States was being bamboozled and fleeced?