Sunday, October 18, 2009

That Was A TERRIBLE Football Game

It's irrelevant that the Packers won. They were playing against a sandlot team. (If they had LOST, Thompson and McCarthy should not have been allowed back into Green Bay, much less their offices.)

The Packers were unable to spend 120 seconds without incurring a penalty. Their offense was unable to score a TD least a half (who watched that closely)? Receivers dropped the ball as though it were greased.

People paid good money to watch that crap?


Amy said...

13 penalties are absolutely outrageous. I don't know how they are capable of making that many stupid penalties.

Deekaman said...

Defense: C+

Offense gets 2 grades: First 2 minutes - A+. Rest of game - D-

Offensive Play-calling: F-

Coaching: F-

Paul - Berry Laker said...

But they won!

Shoebox said...

They didn't fall a game further back of the Vikings...unlike 'Da Bears!