Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tell Me Again About "Conservative" Republicans

Read it and weep, Conservatives.
That is ALL Gummint spending--Fed, State, and Locals, not just Fed--albeit the WWI/WWII spikes were caused by Fed.
HT: Ace


Anonymous said...

You forgot the Great Depression spike also created by the Feds.

Have you played around with the base chart-creation page? It's "interesting" (in the Chinese sense).

Dad29 said...

Haven't played with the page. That sort of stuff is YOUR game; I'm math-challenged...

As to the Depression spike, by the chart's graph, it was a "spike" but spending remained high afterwards.

3rd Way said...

Compare that chart to this one.

Striving to keep spending as low as possible is certainly a noble goal, but is there an advanced country that spends less than us?

Dad29 said...

You talk about "advanced countries" as though they were some sort of Uber-Race.

They're merely decrepit.

J. Strupp said...

Way off topic but I see you haven't gotten to the Nobel Economics winners yet. I wonder if you've read this from Ritholtz yet? Truly a great blog entry regarding the "irony" of the actual winners and the Eugene Fama, EMH "fan club":