Thursday, October 08, 2009

Quid pro Quo: Forget About Generic Drugs w/ObamaCare

Well, Obama/Reid/Pelosi had to pay off the pharmaceuticals SOME way or other.

The bills extend the exclusive right to market brand names for biological drugs to more than twice the time currently allowed before less expensive generics can come on line.

And as Smith notes, the State-Controlled Media didn't figure it out, either.

It took the British Medical Journal to explain. From US health reform bill will hinder introduction of generic forms of biological drugs, critics say,” (BMJ 2009;339:b4088, no link):

Currently in the US drugs receive five years of market exclusivity. Proposals in the reform bills would give biological drugs 12 years of market exclusivity.

Oh, it gets even worse:

Furthermore, the proposed legislation would permit manufacturers of biological drugs 12 year extensions whenever they made even minor modifications to the original drug, thus giving the manufacturer “evergreen” protection against competition from generic products, the student and consumer groups say.

I am very sympathetic to the pharmaceuticals' investment-recovery needs. But if this were something Obama/Reid/Pelosi were proud of doing, you might have heard about it, no?


Billiam said...

This will cause a spike in premiums. Thanks to the asshats who claim to be for 'the peoploe'. It shows them for what they are. Hypocrites and despots.

GOR said...

"I am very sympathetic to the pharmaceuticals' investment-recovery needs.

Me? - not so much, Dad. I agree that any company has a right to recover their investment and make a profit - but this excuse for exorbitant drug prices and the need for protectionism against competition wears very thin indeed.

Viagra wasn't developed for ED. Think Pfizer has 'recovered their investment' yet...?

Dad29 said...

Well, we could spend a lot of time discussing 'how much is too much,' and I don't do fin-anal of BigPharma.

Having said that, we now know what the payoff was for BigPharma's love-lock on ObamaCare.

Anonymous said...

Careful or your ED prescription might cost a few dollars more, boys.