Saturday, October 03, 2009

Olympic-Size Waste of Money Still Possible

No Games.

But plenty of games will be played with your money. Plenty of money, too.

Political and civic leaders in southeastern Wisconsin...renewed their push for high-speed rail linking Milwaukee and Madison....

Gov. Jim Doyle announced Friday that the state had formally submitted its application to the Federal Railroad Administration for federal funds to develop what is now projected as a $651.8 million high-speed passenger line between the state's two largest cities.

Chris Klein, executive assistant to state Transportation Secretary Frank Busalacchi, said state officials want to make sure state tax dollars aren't tapped if the work runs over budget, so the application requests $817 million to cover contingencies and inflation.

Did we ever mention that "IT'S THE SPENDING, STUPID!!!"?

Doyle, who was out of the state, [he didn't take a train] said in a prepared statement that passenger rail was the missing link in the nation's transportation policy. The Doyle administration said the line would create nearly 13,000 jobs, reduce auto trips by 7.8 million over 10 years and save millions of gallons of fuel.

(And there IS Global Warming! And it IS caused by CO2! And I am NOT the most corrupt, incompetent, and dislikable cretin ever to occupy the Governor's Mansion. And the cow jumped over the moon!)

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