Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Notre Dame: Just Another Football Factory

Certainly it is no longer a "Catholic" school.

The University of Notre Dame gave financial assistance to five students to participate in Sunday's national gay rights demonstration, which was organized in part to advocate homosexual "marriage," a campus newspaper has reported.

The "National Equality March" on Sunday, October 11, in Washington, D.C., was sponsored by Equality Across America, which aims to build a national grassroots network asserting homosexual couples' "right to marry" as well as other demands.

And Ohio State is a better football factory, come to think of it.

HT: The Jester


Neo-Con Tastic said...

Seriously, when is the Church going to do something about these insubordinate schools.

Clean house I say.

Dave said...

Neo-Con Tastic:

Ever since the Land O' Lakes Conference and the implementation thereof, it has been nearly impossible for the bishops to enforce Church policy on the campus. Were Bishop D'Arcy to come on the grounds of Notre Dame to demand an explanation, he'd be arrested for trespassing.