Friday, October 02, 2009

The New-Car Blues

Have a new car?

Maybe it doesn't do stuff--like start or run? The windows don't roll up/down? A/C doesn't cool, fan doesn't run?

Well, your car is GREEN, my friend!!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if cars could be manufactured with fewer petroleum-based products? Why, it might keep eggs from frying on sidewalks and stop the seas from rising. Or it could have consequences boneheads like Al Gore never anticipated.

Recent reports indicate that automakers are now using wire insulated with a soy-based product and even making seats out of similar materials. Unfortunately, it turns out that rodents like the materials even more than they like cheese.

The emails we have received from people claiming to have parts of their automobiles eaten so far are from from Subaru, Honda, Toyota, Dodge and Mercedes. These automobile manufacturers need to take responsibility for making vehicle parts from what boils down to being tasty food for rodents of all kinds. --Quoting

"Mmm mmm good, mmm mmm good, that's what Honda Parts are, mmm mmmm good!!"

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Paul - Berry Laker said...

Maybe it tastes good between rye or whole wheat.