Monday, October 05, 2009

McIlheran on Badger Guns

P-Mac's right in his assessment.

Right now, though, Badger Guns needs to make itself riskier for people who shouldn't be shopping there. Allan says his store is the felons' favorite because it's so close to bad neighborhoods. Then adapt, the way convenience stores on dicey corners add bulletproof glass - or the way they keep a gun under the counter, a legitimate arming of good people.

Because if Badger doesn't step it up, there are politicians eager to disarm everyone, and they'll start with the law-abiding. That's why Allan's legal customers can very well demand he go beyond the law to let the illegal ones know he'll drop a dime on them.

This has never been about "what's legal." Abortion is "legal." CDO's were "legal."

What's right is what counts, for Allan AND for legitimate retailers and gun-owners in Wisconsin.

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