Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How To Take Taxpayer Money and Look Like an Idiot

Planet Moron has the full takedown, but here's the brief:

A recent $639,586 study regarding gun violence funded by the National Institute of Health (that would be you) and conducted by Dr. Charles C. Branas of the Pennsylvania School of Medicine, made a startling discovery:

We should be giving more money to Dr. Charles C. Branas to conduct additional studies into gun violence.

OK. We figured that part. What about the "study"?

The study’s methodology involved examining people who got shot to see if they had a gun, and comparing those results to people who did not have a gun, and did not happen to get shot.

Some question the legitimacy of this kind of “correlation-and-effect” approach to scientific inquiry by pointing out that people who choose to have a gun may be doing so due to higher expectations of being shot in the first place, making it a self-selecting group, ...

Well, for only $639++K, what did you expect? Accuracy? Informed insight?


Planet has several other studies that he undertook based on the U of Pa. methodology for your examination. All are worth the read.....

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