Friday, October 09, 2009

Holder Hires Blog-Spammers for DofJ Spin Machine

Reported by The Muffled Oar.

The Department of Justice has hired a team of partisan Democrat campaign bloggers to work at the Department. The Muffled Oar has learned this decision was treated with a great deal of skepticism both inside the career ranks at the Department but also among some Obama loyalists who expressed concern that such a decision would lend itself to the growing appearance that the Holder Justice Department is more political than the Bush Justice Department was ever accused of being.

Tracy Russo is one such blogger from the campaign of John Edwards.

The unit is housed in the Office of Public Affairs. Not only is the Department of Justice Blog Squad going to reach out to nontraditional media like TPM Muckraker or the Muffled Oar, but they are also tasked with fostering anonymous comments at conservative leaning blogs such as the Free Republic. They are also tasked with fostering anonymous comments, or comments under pseudonyms, at newspaper websites with stories critical of the Department of Justice, Holder and President Obama.

Did we say "Statist"?

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Shoebox said...

I seem to remember the Bush administration getting a shit storm when the military was doing article placements in Iraq. Oh, that's right, Bush never got a Peace Prize so it's OK now.