Monday, October 12, 2009

HealthCare and Real Estate

Remember when you were told "Real Estate values ALWAYS go up!!!" ??


Yah, well, here's an interesting little thesis about "always going up," and it's not about Real Estate.

In my view, several pieces of evidence suggest that increases in health care costs might actually moderate significantly, if not decline relative to the GDP, over the next few decades — even without the type of systemic changes proposed in current legislative efforts. As a result, the financing crisis in health care could be much less dire than most people believe. --David Cutler, Harvard guy, quoted in Verum Serum.

And Cutler's a Gummint-Health-Care advocate.

What else "always goes up"? Equities?

Yah, I know. Taxes.


J. Strupp said...

The difference being that real estate and stock prices are based, to a major extent, on human psychology which leads to irrational behavior which leads to bubbles and collapses in the price of each or both assets.

Health care costs are not.

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