Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Dems: The Less You Know About Obamacare, the Better

These jackasses look more and more like the Mob every day.

While the Congressional Budget Office gave a fiscal thumbs up to the Senate Finance Committee's health care legislation, it included an important disclaimer: the estimates were only preliminary, and could change significantly once the current draft of the bill is converted from plain English into legislative language. But the Democrats have already blocked an effort to wait for the legislative language for a vote on the bill.

...Last month, Democrats on the committee killed an amendment proposed by Sen. Jim Bunning that would have required the committee to have the actual legislative language of its health care bill evaluated by the CBO before voting on it. It failed by a 12-11 vote, with Sen. Blanche Lincoln the lone dissenting Democrat.

I guess they need a bit more TEA Party coaxing........or tar, feathers, and ropes.

HT: Klein/AmSpec

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