Thursday, October 01, 2009

Democrats FOR Illegal Gun Purchases

Now that Tommy-Boy Barrett is running for Governor, (surprise!!) he may have to explain something:

While straw purchasing is not a new problem, recent media reports from Milwaukee illustrate how widespread this crime has become. Representative Gunderson first introduced legislation to make straw purchasing a felony during the 1999-2000 Legislative Session. During the 1999-2000 Session the State Assembly passed that legislation, Assembly Bill 664, by a unanimous and bipartisan 97-0 vote; however, the State Senate did not take action on the legislation. By the 2003 Legislative Session, Assembly Bill 315 only passed the Assembly Criminal Justice Committee on a partisan 8-6 vote, with every Democrat on the Committee voting against it.

At the time, Rep. Lena Taylor (now Senator Do You Know Who I AAAAMMM??), stated that she would 'not vote for anything that hurts my people.'

Yup. She voted against the bill, joined by Colon, Staskunas, and Turner of Racine.


Mellissa said...


can you get in contact with me? i have a blog @ countrymamarants here on blogspot. I wanted to email you about a gun-related Tea Party in western WI that is coming up this month. Thought maybe you might want to feature it in your blog. the website for the event is


Dad29 said...

When you've completed your plans for the TEA Party, post 'em on your "Do Not Infringe" site and drop a comment here with the link.

You mean there's a Wisconsin west of Pewaukee?