Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cullen/Epic Systems Foreshadowed Limbaugh/NFL

Some of you may recall this.

Epic Systems Corp., the Verona-based electronic medical records company, is threatening to pull its business from local vendors who support the state's largest business lobby over a political disagreement with the group.

In a statement to the State Journal, the company cited concern over Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce's spending this year on behalf of state Supreme Court candidate Michael Gableman, estimated at $1.8 million, as a reason for working only with vendors whose officials oppose WMC's agenda.

Judy Faulkner put the squeeze to David Cullen of J P Cullen & Sons.

Epic’s management announced that it would “try to work only with vendors that do not support WMC with its current management.”

That policy decision apparently prompted J.P. Cullen & Sons, the Janesville-based contractor of Epic’s ongoing campus expansion in Verona, to drop its membership in WMC and for its president and CEO David Cullen to resign from the WMC board of directors.

While the Limbaugh and Cullen situations are different in some minor ways, it's clear that the Left (and Ms. Faulkner IS a Lefty) intends not just to lift its collective nose and 'disapprove' of conservatives--it intends to crush them.

One wonders when Ms. Faulkner studied under Rahmsputin.........

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Deekaman said...

I wonder what the Left would do if the Right boycotted in the same manner?