Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Brilliant Senate Tax-Hikes for Medical Stuff

Morrissey did a bit of digging, and found that ObamaCare (Senate version) will impose taxes on the following items (among many, many, many others.....)

Dentures, both partial and full (Class VI)
Fetal cell-screening kit (Class IV)
Treponemal syphilis test (Class IV)
HIV saliva test kit (Class IV)
Patient data storage and transmission software (Class VI)
Stair-climbing wheelchair (Class III)
Hip, knee, ankle, breast prosthetics (Class III)
Soft contact lenses, extended wear (Class III)
Dialysis catheters (Class III)
Dental X-rays (Class II)
Sickle-cell anemia tests (Class II)
Mammograms (Class II)

Smart. VERY smart.

HT: Adrienne


neomom said...

See also the planned 2010 reductions in reimbursements for cardiology, oncology, and radiology. Seems Obie and the gang think that Medicare pays too much for old people heart disease and cancer care. Including those damned oncologists that order too many CTs and MRIs. How dare they want to see where the cancer is or how big the tumor!

So much for any paybacks to J&J or Boston Scientific for signing onto Cap & Tax.

As for GE - if they make their planned gazillions in carbon trading, they won't need no stinking Healthcare division. Its not like they engineer or make ECG, Stress Test, MRI, CT, Xray or PET equipment in the Milwaukee area or anything.

Anonymous said...

Oh no more taxes!