Friday, August 07, 2009

Doyle's Fake "Counsel"--You Paid For It!!

You have to hand it to Mark Belling.*

First he finds out that James Earl Doyle appoints a political crony's daughter to a "senior adviser" position in his "office of legal counsel".

That crony's daughter is paid with taxpayer funds.

But she did not pass the Wisconsin Bar exam--thus, cannot, in any way, shape, or form render legal advice, counsel, or thoughts in the State of Wisconsin.

That's only Part One.

Even MORE shocking is the fact that Belling motivated the Journal-Sentinel to report on the story as well.

Doyle's office says that despite her position, Chandra Miller Fienen, formerly a lawyer in California, does not need a Wisconsin license because she does not practice law, only advises on education and other issues.

One veteran Milwaukee attorney of the same party as the governor disagrees.

"In my opinion, if he's going to have an office of legal counsel, that calls for a lawyer," John Finerty said. "The things that the legal counsel for the governor does - that probably is the practice of law. You're not fooling anyone . . .  saying it's not legal advice."

Finerty is a very reliable (D) supporter and has a lot of 'swing' with the Party. Getting him on the record is a commendable feat. Kudos to Dave Umhoefer!

Doyle's office shoveled a bunch of BS which you can read at the link.

Where do taxpayers go for refunds??

*UPDATE: Belling was not "first" with the story. That honor goes to the Blogosphere!

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Anonymous said...

Resignation accepted. Don't go away mad, just go away...

Anonymous said...

Everyone's going ga-ga over this latest, but let's not forget Doyle's mishandling of the budget, his lies ("I will not raise taxes"), or his overall sliminess (payback for cronies, everyone else can go hang). Considering who she's been working for, (Diamond Jim), is anyone really surprised?