Friday, August 07, 2009

The Revolution in St Louis

Sure enough. SEIU shock troops are called in by Obama.

1,000 ObamaCare protesters showed up at a BabyBoy Carnahan "town meeting". They had to stay outside, while SEIU activists and thugs were admitted through a side door.

To no one's surprise, the Left immediately resorted to violence:

In Saint Louis, the Post-Dispatch reports that Kenneth Gladney, a conservative activist, was distributing Gadsden Flags at a town hall meeting for Rep. Russell Carnahan, D-Mo., when he was allegedly beaten by a group of Obama supporters. One of them reportedly flung racial epithets at him (he is black). Gladney ended up in the Emergency Room...

Police arrested 6, some of whom were SEIU thugs, and a reporter for the Post-Dispatch.

Similarly, Democrat thugs got rough in Tampa:

At a[n] event in Tampa, organizers apparently assaulted protesters in order to try to close the doors to a meeting there that the protesters were drowning out with chants. There were no arrests but the assault was captured on amateur video, and a series of photos shows a female supporter of Obamacare pushing the face of a protester. The woman and her husband has been tentatively identified as officers in a local Democratic organization.

Above, we learn that Obama advocates gunplay. Bring it on!!



Keith Schmitz said...

Another exercise in creative writing. SEIU is mentioned nowhere in the legitimate media story.

Hey dad, imagine for a moment what the coverage would like on FOX if the crowd at these was raging black people. Wouldn't have to imagine what it would be like here.

Dad29 said...

Take a good look at the purple t-shirt logos, Keith.

Dad29 said...

Here it is in video, Keith:

Suck eggs, Keith.